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I'm Emma. I'm Irish and Tsalagi. I love my novio peruano. I like Gogol Bordello, Frida Kahlo, and Marlboro Reds, in that order.

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I’m fucking shouting

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Lisbon metro in 1960

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Title: Tonight, Tonight Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins 1,289 plays

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If there’s any real truth, it’s that the entire multidimensional infinity of the Universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs.

Douglas Adams, The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (via awestruckbibliophile)

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The Sims 4: Welcome to Willow Creek


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How To Make Naturally Flavored Water

Supplies needed:

Fruit – Whatever kind you like (except bananas); make sure it’s good and ripe for maximum sweetness and flavor. Use all kinds of citrus and berries. Pineapple and watermelon work well for flavoring water. 

Herbs – These are optional, but many herbs are a surprising complement to fruit flavors; almost any herb will work depending on your personal preference.

Jars or pitchers – Use 2 quart mason jars primarily, but any 2 quart pitcher will do. Fruit infusion pitcher is another option if you think you’ll be making infused waters regulary; a very easy, tidy way to strain fruit from water.

Muddler or wooden spoon for mashing fruit and herbs.


Water – Use filtered or spring water.

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this is still my fav


my life 😭

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Idk where to even start with this one

"The white man is oppressed now more than ever."

"The white man is oppressed now more than ever."

"The white man is oppressed now more than ever."

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when people send your friends anon hate


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I’ll buy you a drink and I’ll tell you what I think